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Meet Rita

Licensed Financial Educator & Speaker on matters of faith and finances;  Former banker and marketing executive, for 20+ years! 

Consultant for Ministries and

Non-Profits, former Christian Educator, Licensed and Ordained Minister

Co-author of two books:

Kiwi: A Children’s Devotional


Ministry is who I am and how I give back, and I get paid as a consultant and financial educator! Know this about me also, my personal mantra is: In ALL that I do, it is in God with whom I must find favor.”  Each of us can live life in such a manner that we ignite the passion and power within ourselves and others to live as if our life is on fire! The result will be a powerful brand that is seared into the hearts and minds of humanity for all eternity. A brand, in this context, translates to mean YOUR LEGACY; that will transform and empower the lives of individuals relationally, emotionally, financially, spiritually and intellectually.


Here are ways you too can Live Your Legacy now!

1. Give of yourself – passionately immerse your whole self in life such that you are a gift relationally.

2. Serve a greater cause – position yourself financially to give generously to meaningful and life changing initiatives.

3. Practice disciplines – consistently fill your soul with the precepts and principles of God so that you can then pour out from your spiritual self to others.

4. Share what you learn – this is will be your opportunity to intentionally enhance intellectual quality.

5. Make energizing contributions – speak life and hope in the lives of others that will support the emotional stability of mankind.

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I support INDIVIDUALS, MINISTRIES, and NON-PROFITS with vision alignment, implementation of process, procedure and planning models, as well as internet marketing strategies.

Additionally, I offer Personal Financial Strategies and options from a suite of insurance based products to optimize your financial wellness:

1. Build a Legacy (Life Insurance)

2. Plan for Retirement (Tax Free Indexed Savings): Prevent the Risk of Running Out of Money In Retirement

3. Protect My Income (Living Benefits): Income if I can't work due to an illness, injury, or disability.

Over 20 years of leadership, banking, management, and marketing experience in corporate sectors and over a decade of experience in ministry and non-profit sectors. I am proficient in Internet Marketing, Social Media strategy implementation and Email Marketing. I am an author, licensed financial educator, consultant, speaker, workshop leader and trainer. So, why the theme of legacy you may ask? I remember reflecting one day on leaving a legacy.  I’ve always been convicted by the scriptures on legacy… Upon reflecting I made an intentional decision to go forth from that day forward to not only seek to leave a legacy but to LIVE it!  From deep within my legacy is three-fold,

1. Master Teacher – In His Image – My passion is that each person that I have the opportunity to teach comes to know and experience the love of Jesus Christ.

2. Grateful Servant – Towards ALL Human-kind – That I live life in deep gratitude for all things that I have been graced with the opportunity to experience – people, places, love and life.

3. Generous Giver – Good Steward – That I generously give out of what I have such that lives are impacted in meaningful ways.

With my blog experience I plan to share the journey of living out my legacy in hope that YOU will be inspired to take action towards building and living your legacy.

I am intentional about legacy from the following perspectives: Relational | Spiritual | Financial | Emotional | Intellectual.


Fun Facts about Rita

  • I LOVE A CUP OF TEA! Anytime, anywhere.

  • I am an avid reader, generally reading 3-5 books at a time!

  • I love riding my bicycle!

  •  I love hanging with family, I absolutely enjoy my hubby’s company!

  • I love fresh flowers and fresh herbs!

  • I love to travel!

  •  My favorite color is Green!

  • A book that inspired the trajectory of my life
    “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”.   

- Maya Angelou

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