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FINAL Rita Stewart Legacy Financial Well

Do you have your

finances in order?
Do you know how to accumulate wealth?

What will happen to your finances if you were to experience an unforeseen illness and are unable to work, or if you were to die too soon?

Do you ever worry that you'll outlive your retirement savings?

Work with Rita, a Licensed Financial Representative today!

At                                                                            an agency of Five Rings Financial, we take an education-
based approach to helping middle Americans protect and grow their income while building a safe,
reliable savings and retirement.


We are committed to educating our clients on how money works so they can make the right decisions.

The key areas that I focus on are:

• Life Insurance with Living Benefits
• Tax-Free Retirement Planning
• Retirement Savings Preservation and Accumulation
• Lifestyle Protection and Income for Life


• College Savings Plans
• Mortgage Protection
• Business Preservation

Distribution and Legacy Planning

Money 101 Workshop


Money 101 is an online

educational workshop for

those seeking to learn the principles

of how money works, the things

we didn’t learn in school.


Learn how to grow and protect your money for:


College Funding

Retirement Planning

Business Preservation, or

simply Wealth Accumulation


with money you never knew you had while enjoying friendly company.

 Wine, Women

& Wealth


Our vision is to educate and encourage all women, while guiding them to financial success through education, support, and mentoring.


We are building a community of women who desire to expand their knowledge about money and building wealth.


Wine, Women &  Wealth is a combination of networking, girl's; night in via Zoom or in person, financial education, and of course wine tasting,(optional).


I’d be happy to speak with your group, you host, I’ll present!


Money, Mommy

& Me


Don't you wish someone would've taken the time to teach you money-
management concepts at

a young age?


Money Mommy & Me is looking to build a community of parents striving for a financially stable environment for their families to THRIVE!


Our goal with this program is not only to educate our communities about how money works, but to change how the next generation is taught about money so that they won’t need this education as adults – because they will already know it – what better gift can we give our children than that?

Mommy Matters & Tea

Hosted by yours truly Rita Stewart


Offers a more intimate session of connecting with a small group of women in your inner circle always lends to a wow!


What an incredible time we have sharing and pouring into one another!
As women, we should always embrace opportunities to connect and grow, there will be something shared that will be of benefit to everyone, I promise! Join me for laughs, virtual hugs, a financial tip or two and yes of course a cup of tea of choice.


Come comfortable to simply hang out with us and bring a friend!
Again, happy to partner with you as host for any of the workshops for you audience, simply connect with me here!

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Want to learn more?


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