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If so, you're in the right place. 


Each of us have the opportunity to live life in such a manner that we ignite the passion and power within ourselves and others to live as if our life is on fire! – Relentlessly take full responsibility for your actions to ensure that you live life beyond yourself and in a manner that will outlive and outlast all time.


Vision. Faith. Legacy

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​Hello, I'm Rita Stewart

with over 20 years in financial services and marketing and 12 years in ministry and serving with nonprofits.

Now as an independent consultant, I'd love to come along side you to support the growth of your mission, vision or cause. Learn more HERE about ways I can help you do just that!

In addition, I support small business owners with unique and affordable benefits solutions. While specializing in helping women understand and execute their personal financial power. Learn more HERE.


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Rita Stewart is a Life Saver!

She joined our communications efforts during a very intense time, jumped right in and got us organized.

Her contributions helped us successfully raise $30,000 in a matter of a few weeks. I don’t know what we would have done without her.

After the campaign, she developed a very helpful Social Media strategy and we have been able to successfully transition social media responsibilities to a staff member who had little experience with social media.

The format, flow and feedback that Rita provided will insure we are able to maintain a strong social media presence beyond her time with us.

I highly recommend Rita Stewart to anyone who is trying to build a strong on-line presence. Her professionalism and encouraging style make her a joy to work with!”

Wendy McCaig, Executive Director, Embrace Communities


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Rita can assist you with growing your small business, ministry and/or non-profit. She possesses business administration, leadership & financial management skills. LEARN MORE

Rita wants each and everyone to have financial security. She provided strategic coaching and resources to help you achieve your goals. LEARN MORE

Rita is a skilled speaker and enjoys working with a variety of organizations and corporations to empower their employees & students. LEARN MORE

Welcome to the iLegacy Builder Blog (Internet Legacy Builder – iLB),

written and inspired with You, Your Business or Ministry, and Your Legacy in mind! 

You may be exploring the opportunity to not only leave a legacy, but live your legacy now!
I will be sharing with you proven business, marketing, and financial solutions that will help you to Catapult
Your Legacy and much more!

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