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The Game of Life

My husband loves to play golf. I’m still working on my skill set with golf; I’m nowhere near amateur status, so for now miniature gulf works so that he can get in his golf fix.

As a family, we would play putt-putt to level the playing field. On our trips to the beach it was a family favorite to master a new course each year as there seemed to hundreds to choose from along the strip.

It’s also important to be intentional about taking the time to engage in a family activity. This is how relational legacy is formed.

Why not putt putt miniature golf, our daughter loved it!

It’s been shared that even Bubba Watson, a master golfer plays the game of miniature gulf. 🙂

In the game of life we are all playing at differing levels, right along with the pros and it’s all good. Simply continue to leverage the tools you need to grow your business, ministry, nonprofit and build your legacy. Forge and nurture relationships along the way to garner support, guidance, and tips.

Transitioning through the phases of novice, to amateur, and ultimately to become masterful at anything requires will, patience, consistency, practice, study, and simply put, WORK!

Work on your skills, play often and soon you too will Master the Game!

Trust the process and enjoy the journey!

Even when you experience setbacks, and you will, note Tiger Woods and his comeback. Recalibrate, dig in your heels, tap into your inner strength, and vision, then get back in the game.

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your legacy is to Never Give Up!

And you too will come to experience the thrill of victory in the Game of Life!

So what steps have you taken to stay in the game? What recommendations do you have for others based on your experience?

Let me know in the comments!

Cheers to your Legacy!

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