• Rita Stewart

Healing Takes Time

It is disheartening that one is expected to simply ignore the disdaining and what appeared to be impassioned rhetoric that was spewed out of an individual’s mouth that deeply and directly offended you personally.

You know,

It shouldn’t have been about President Obama, but unfortunately for some it was.

And it’s not about Trump or Hillary for that matter right now.

For many it’s their personal fear of the unknown, for others it’s their selfish concerns, and for others it’s sheer hatred and disdain towards anything or anyone who does not think like they do and in some cases look like them.

It’s not about the candidates or the elected. It’s deeper than that.

It’s revealing as to what really lies in the heart of mankind, and when they speak, it’s telling…

It’s the thoughts and reactions that people are having about their own agendas and concerns, whether valid or invalid.

Some know how to reasonably express themselves and respond to their fears and concerns in a mature manner, and unfortunately some simply do not.

Forgiveness and then healing takes time…

The concern is, many do not understand and frankly don’t care what it means to respect humanity, the office, to truly serve mankind, to repent, to conduct themselves with integrity, or to actually forgive. Often the personal agenda at hand seems to be the primary goal at all costs. This is a sad reality.

The irony is, the fear, pain, hurt etc. is applicable on both sides…

The opportunity we have individually and collectively, is to choose to respond to all of this chaos with respect and grace as best we know how. At the very least, try to listen to one another with intent to understand, that will be a good start…

~ Relational Legacy

Rita Stewart, Legacy Builder

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