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Out of the Office!

I read this recently on a post. Oh, the feelings from the past that surfaced from this!

“I’m convinced that fewer things are more exciting than setting your automatic email reply ….. Seriously!

I’ll be out of the office and not replying to emails. Not even reading them. I’ll see you in two weeks.”

This sounds great I’m sure to those who can relate. I remember those days as well in corporate America. No regrets, however, there is nothing more joyful and empowering than to be positioned where you don’t have to be concerned about the 1000 emails that will be waiting for you when you do return to work! Can you relate? That is one of the most dreaded feelings ever!

In addition to that, there’s this notion of only getting 2 weeks or 3 weeks of vacation each year. Seriously! I dreaded filling out the ‘Leave Request Forms’! However, we all know that you have to play according to the rules…

So tell me. Are you actively working on YOUR time freedom, flexibility, and personal financial legacy? You can do so in tandem with your job, that’s fine, that’s exactly how I started out. Many seem to think they need to wait for the kids to get older, or until they’ve saved enough money, or wait until retirement before launching their venture.

And this one, “I don’t have time”. News flash, someone else is monopolizing your time, it’s up to YOU to take it back!!!

My suggestion is to simply take incremental action every single day to build your brand, and ultimately YOUR legacy!

Begin to write that book, launch your business idea, enhance and monetize your knowledge and skills now! Agreed?

You can be ‘out of the office’ whenever you choose to be!

Position yourself to Live Your Legacy!

Rita Stewart, Legacy Builder

Share your thoughts/experience on this in the comments below.

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